Kanye is creating my next nightmare

The clip for Monster, Kanye’s single with Nicki Minaj and Jay-Z, hit the web today… and oh boy are our minds about to get f@cked. Some of my favorite highlights are Kanye jamming the hand of some comatose but wide-eyed white girl into his face and then rapping ON her lips (what?), white girls in lingerie and heels hanging in nooses from the ceiling surrounding a cigar smoking Rick Ross, and Nicki Minaj crawling away from the camera with her lace-covered ass in our faces. This is really my kinda party. Don’t judge.



I do have to wonder, though: what’s with the slack-jawed half dead white girls, Yeezy? What you tryin to say about us?


Obligatory AMA Fashion Post

So the AMA’s were last night and although it was kind of a snoozefest, at least some of the outfits were fun (or in Kesha’s case, horrifying).

Katy Perry decided to put her boobs away (mostly) for this particular occasion, and she looks gorgeous in the face area…. but I’m pretty sure those are pink cotton balls glued on her dress. And the length is awkward, not quite short or long. I’m really confused here, Katy. Maybe you should just stick with the boob outfits.


Jesus Christ. Go sit down somewhere already, Kesha.


I’m always all up on Rihanna’s nuts and think she looks gorgeous in basically anything, but… is that a nipple? Whatever. I guess we should just be relieved she ditched that long ass red wig. Why do I have the urge to watch Flashdance now? Hmm.


OK, Ms. Minaj, we get it. You’re different. But that’s no excuse to go traipsing around with green hair and whatever the hell that is hanging off of your dress. Are they snakes? No. Just no.


WELL, look who’s all growed up! Gorgeous! Take that, John Mayer.


Stop the presses; Miley Cyrus’s outfit is NOT assaulting my corneas. This is confusing. The dress, the jewelry, the shoes? Thumbs up.


I don’t understand this outfit at all, which tells me that it must kick ass. How are you this cool as a 10-year-old?

So yeah. This is completely unrelated to the AMA’s and I have NO idea where it came from or if it’s real, but I pray to Jesus above that it is. Michael Jackson knew how to party his face off. In a pink tie. With little people? Well I never.

Photos: WireImage