The Brand of (Queen) Bey

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After a 15+ year career, Beyonce has left only one question about her abilities as an entertainer and artist: Is there anything she can’t do? She puts everything she has into all that she does, from her music to her performances to her clothing line to her fragrances to her picture perfect family. With the recent birth of her baby, Beyonce can add another accomplishment to her resume: being a mom. Seriously, Webster’s should just stick a picture of Beyonce’s face next to the word BOSS in the dictionary.

Despite constantly being in the public eye, Beyonce is just as notorious for her privacy as she is for her career. She kept her relationship with Jay-Z totally under wraps for years, and even managed to pull off a wedding without so much as a leaked picture of a tablecloth from the ceremony. But since Beyonce got pregnant, we’re seeing a little more of her private life. She made a very public announcement of her impending bundle of joy by revealing her bump on stage at the MTV Awards, and while she never revealed a due date or confirmed her baby’s sex, she did reveal her name soon after birth and even shared some pics of the little Blue shortly after returning home. And now Beyonce is giving us even more of a glimpse into her world with the launch of her Tumblr account. She chose to reveal pictures from her personal collection, including some with her equally Boss husband, her sister, and her nephew. She even included a couple videos, with a highlight being the one where she stood barefoot and pregnant in front of a tree and said it was a blue ivy.

Clearly, everything that Beyonce does is carefully strategized and has a specific purpose for her brand; and with this Tumblr, it’s clear she is trying to give her ravenous fans a little more of a taste of Beyonce, the human being – not Bey the part-human-part-R&B-demigod we see on the stage all the time. And obviously, we can’t get enough. Her MTV Awards reveal garnered her Twitter’s top tweets-per-second record and we can only imagine what kind of crazy traffic her new Tumblr is getting. The site says she will continue to share pictures via the blog. And really, since she is so famously private, it feels a lot like getting a look behind the Great and Powerful Oz’s curtain or something. I gotta hand it to Bey (…again…), she made this choice to share some things with the public, and she’s doing it on her damn terms and as she damn well pleases. Shocker – Beyonce wins again.

It’s being said that her four year anniversary with Jay (which was April 4) spurred her to do this. Whatever the reason, I think it’s a great move. She’s so larger than life – it’s easy to forget she is an actual person, not some perfect singing, dancing cyborg. Getting a little peek into the world she lives in off the stage is pretty cool. It will be interesting to see if this means another evolution of the brand of Beyonce. Motherhood softening you up, Bey? Keep it coming – we love it!



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