I’ve decided…

To make this blog be about whatever the hell I want it to be about. I realize no one probably gives a flying fuck what I want to ramble about besides my mother (and that’s only because she’s too nice to not at least pretend to care) but I need to make myself write. So nyah.

Let’s talk about the game Never Have I Ever for a second. You know the one, someone says something like, “Never Have I Ever had sex with a baboon,” and if you’ve done it, you drink. The only time I’ve really played that game is during King’s Cup, but last night some genius suggested we just play that game entirely. I wasn’t too keen on it, really. Why? Because for some reason, we don’t lie in that game. Have you noticed that? If some person asks you directly, “hey, ever took it in the ass?” You’re probably going to say, “Heavens to Betsy! Oh dear me, no.”

Like this.

But if that same person says, “Never Have I Ever taken it in the ass,” you grudgingly grab that drink and take a swig. You know you do it. Why the hell is that? Last I checked, Never Have I Ever is not a game where you’re legally bound to tell the truth, but for some reason you do. You’d take that drink in front of your fucking mother if she was sitting right there, and it’s only because the question was posed in that game. And you learn all kinds of sick shit, and everyone laughs, cries, and occasionally, if done right, pukes.

The end.



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