Chris Brown hasn’t learned dick.

Dammit, Chris. Literally the day after I post a funny video clip of you and kinda forget how much of an idiot you’ve been, you go into a rage and throw a chair through a window? Holy hell.

Chris’s new album, F.A.M.E, came out today and he appeared on Good Morning America this morning to support it. He was apparently none too pleased by the interviewer, Robin Roberts, bringing up a certain Rihannagate, and while he managed to keep his composure on the show, once it was over he immediately went backstage and threw a bitchfit.

MTV News reports:

According to TMZ, Roberts’ line of questioning angered Brown so much that he had an outburst in his green room after the interview wrapped. Sources reportedly told the site that he began shouting very loudly in his dressing room, causing hair and makeup staffers to call security. He allegedly broke a window causing glass to shatter onto the street level below. ABC security told TMZ that the window was broken by a chair.

By the time security got to the room, Brown had taken his off his shirt and left the building after getting in a producer’s face. Glass workers have reportedly already fixed the window. A rep for the show had not responded to MTV News’ request for comment as of press time.

He’d taken off his shirt? Really, so pissed off that you claw off your clothes? Oh yeah, this all sounds normal. If there was any doubt in anyone’s mind whether Chris has worked through his anger issues and learned to deal with frustration in a calm, rational matter… he just took a steaming shit all over it. Five year olds have better temper control. Grow up, dude.



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