Is Matt Kemp CREEPIN on Rihanna?!

If he’s not, he certainly sucks at playing shit off. Let me set the scene for you. Matt Kemp is coming out of some Hollywood spot with his boys, waiting in the street for his car to pull up, he sees the paparazzi, some chick approaches him about to grab his hand, he turns around and pushes past her without saying anything and she kinda runs away, and he looks shifty and laughs uncomfortably with his friend. OK, watch:

What men do not realize is we women are certified private eyes when it comes to making mountains out of molehiles in a shady situation. In this case, Matt raised a serious eyebrow. Let’s let the crazy lady detective in me come out for a second to over-analyze the shit out of this:

At :05, Matt notices a pap is filming him.
At :09, a girl starts to approach him and says, “Matt, where’s your friend?” She clearly isn’t some crazy groupie off the street that he’s never seen before, they at least seem to have MET previously.
At :13, he turns around to face her, she looks like she is going to grab his hand, he pushes past her and doesn’t respond. She notices the camera too and walks away to his other boy.
At :20, Matt has walked away and back into the street to wait for the car, the pap asks if the “rumors” he’s dating Rihanna are true, he laughs and says yes.
At :24, you can see one of Matt’s friends talking to that original girl, plus one other, with his phone in hand in the background. I’m going to go on a limb and say most likely getting some digits.
At :37, Matt’s friend asks where the car is, they’re both shifting around like idiots, clearly uncomfortable.
At :42, his friend comments to him, “I feel like we’re getting hung out to dry…” while Matt looks at his phone. WHY IS THAT, BUDDY?
At :53, the friend who had been talking to the original girl and her friend comes back over to Matt and says, “Yo, she’s from Dallas.” Matt ignores it and then the friend realizes they are being taped.

So maybe this is nothing and Matt just really doesn’t like being caught off guard with paparazzi cameras in his face, and that’s explaning his sketchy behavior. But if the guy isn’t up to anything, why does he brush off the girl like that? He would have came off much better if he just played it off like she was trying to get at one of his boys. This is why men are retarded and also why you don’t want to date me.

Also, if this bs actually does have some merit…Kemp, no one even knew your name before you met Rihanna. Take a seat.



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