I’m sorry, but this is gross.

I know I’m not a guy so I don’t truly understand the obsession with ass you all seem to possess, but I can appreciate a nice one as much as the next girl. Still, this thing is completely heinous and I fail to understand why anyone would want to risk getting sucked in and never coming out of this thing on the back of Coco’s body. Maybe it’s not the actual ass itself, but the thighs it’s attached to? Whatever it is… it needs to be put out of its misery.

Jesus Christ. Won’t someone think of the children? Put it away! I almost feel bad talking shit about a woman’s body because we all have our good assets (heh) and not so good assets, but this is a (married!, rich!) chic conducting shameless attention-whoring and she’s pretty much asking for it. If I posted my ass at the top of Beedajuice I’d fully expect people to point and laugh at me the next time they saw me. Not cuz it’s BAD, mind you, but because I was pathetic enough to put it on the damn internet and ask for validation. Coco tweets stuff like this regularly, so if you’re into this kind of thing…. you’re welcome?

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