Christ Brown thrusts his way back into our hearts

Or at least mine. Chris Brown brought some girl on stage at one of his recent concerts, as these male R&B singers tend to do, and tried his best to make her cream her panties in front of thousands of people. Why not, right? At first she’s just seated in between him and a couple of his male dancers for a few minutes while Chris sings. Then at around the 3:50 mark, him and the dancers embark on some sort of thrusting ritual in her face. Starting around 4:08 he um, does other things. Honestly, at this point, if I were this girl I may need to be smacked around a little bit to keep from passing out. Too soon? Ahem. The shirt comes off at 4:40…Chris does what I can only describe as the worm at around 5:25 (but it’s seductive though!) and finally at 5:51 he shows us what his hips can do (read: wonders).  

Thank you and goodnight.



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