Ryan Reynolds is having a good day

The trailer for The Green Lantern came out today. I know little to nothing about the comic this is based on (read: nothing), but Ryan Reynolds in a skin-tight suit? I want to go to there.

In what I’m sure is completely coincidental news, Ryan was also announced as People’s Sexiest Man Alive today. How much did Warner Brothers have to pay People to cook this one up?

people sexiest man alive ryan reynolds cover

Other honorees are Jon Hamm (Mad Men), Kellan Lutz, Matthew Morrison, Jon Bon Bovi, Joe Manganiello (that guy with the ridiculous abs on True Blood), Robert Downey Jr., Jesse Williams (Grey’s Anatomy), Justin Timberlake, Vin Diesel (really?), Jake Gyllenhaal, and freakin Drake. Damn, Drake. Between this and GQ, you better be drowning in a sea of poon right now.



7 Responses to “Ryan Reynolds is having a good day”

  1. I loved the trailer of The Green Lantern. It is amazing.

  2. Good cine trailer never see the effects on the same screen.

  3. flintoff says:

    Extraordinary Trailer. never seen before. thanks and expecting more.

  4. Wonderful trailer. hope you love this.

  5. Wow what A trailer. Happy Diwali 2018 Quotes I have watched it till end and its just amazing.

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