R. Kelly silences the haters

…Or at least this hater. I just happened to catch R. Kelly’s performance on The Soul Train Awards last night, which aired on BET. He performed a smorgasbord of hits, including Bump N Grind, Your Body’s Callin, When A Woman’s Fed Up, Happy People and When A Woman Loves. At first I thought he was lip synching and dismissed this performance as being a pile of suck, but I realized the audio and video weren’t synched on BET (for shame!) and was able to give Kellz his props. I don’t even like this guy, or his music (I know, I know, blasphemy….but he pees on girls, people) but dayum, he tore it up at the end! Unfortunately, the out of synch annoyance made its way into the internet versions, too, but you can still appreciate it anyway. The real fun starts at the 6:25 mark… He puts a hurtin on that piano!

This can almost make you forgive Mr. Kelly for this heaping serving of WTF he doled out not too long ago. (Um, he yodels in front of mountains. Yes, you read that right.)




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