Lil Wayne Gets Screwed

Goddamn. Lil Wayne’s getting the shaft. The terms of his probation state that he isn’t allowed to consume any alcoholic beverages for the next 3 years and isn’t allowed to associate with anyone with a criminal record without written approval from the probation department. He also has to submit to random drug testing throughout the course of his probation. Seriously? Isn’t this a bit much? Lindsay Lohan can get away with drinking while wearing an ankle bracelet and plow through baby strollers with her car and serve maybe a week in jail… but Lil Wayne, who actually served almost a year in jail, is not even allowed to have some damn champagne? It’s not like he actually shot someone. The random drug testing is pretty standard, but let the man have a drink, for Christ’s sake! If he violates any of the terms, he will have to go back to jail and serve the remainder of his sentence. It seems like they are making an example out of Wayne. I call shenanigans!



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