Leave Demi Lovato Alone

OK, besides the fact that she has a Disney show, I admittedly don’t really know what Demi Lovato does. I do know this: she’s a young girl in the public eye who just checked into rehab and every celebrity mag/website/Twitter/Facebook/blog is going apeshit trying to figure out why. So why do I care? Because she’s like 18, has admitted she had body issues in the past, just went through a very public breakup with one of those virginal (right) Jonas Brothers and apparently whatever her problems are, they’re so bad she had to get professional help. Rumors are swirling everywhere about whether she’s cutting herself, if she’s partying too much, if it’s related to her ex JoBro boyfriend now apparently dating Ashley Greene… whatever. If I saw my ex making out with Ashley Greene I’d be drunk in a ditch smashing a frying pan over my head. This girl is a kid. She obviously has issues and she’s going the responsible route by getting help. If she were going the Lohan route and coking her face off, I wouldn’t so much blame anyone for digging for dirt.
No, I’m not going to post a video of myself crying and pleading for you to leave Demi alone a la Chris Crocker (from that Leave Britney Alone video), as entertaining as that may be…but seriously. We should let this one go.



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