Keri Hilson made her own “Dirrty.”

Is this the black girl “Dirrty?” All we’re missing is a sewer and some assless chaps. Thank you, Keri Hilson, for this little nugget. She recently premiered her new video for “The Way You Love Me” where she demurely offers things like, “I got the kinda pussy that’ll keep you off the streets.” Cool. Anyway, someone keeps putting it in Keri’s head that she can dance, because she keeps attempting it (have you watched the video for “Turning Me On”? Eep.), but her limbs kind of just fly everywhere. But hey, she looks hot and she’s practically naked, so who cares if she looks like she’s having a seizure? It’s a sexy seizure, dammit!

Faith Evans makes an appearance, as well as Dawn Richards and JoJo, and they all go around brandishing guns together a la Sin City. Then Keri writhes around, limbs and all, climbing walls and licking doors (yup) and sucking on her fingers. Sound like your kind of party? Well if that wasn’t enough, Columbus Short, who you may know from a little movie called Stomp The Yard, also makes a random appearance and says something about being in a pickle before kissing Keri on a staircase. I know, you’re sold!

What IS that move at 1:13? Can’t wait for the sequel!



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