Kanye West crashes MTV EMA’s

When you hear the words “Kanye West crashes” you might have flashbacks of his unfortunate incident with Taylor Swift at the VMA’s a little over a year ago. But come on, who remembers that, right? Riiiight. This time it was an agreed upon crashing so no one needs to get their panties in a bunch (for now). Kanye showed up at the EMA’s last night and came out in the middle of 30 Seconds to Mars’ performance. Apparently about 5 minutes before they went on stage, Kanye met them backstage and said, “Well, maybe we’ll play a piece of ‘Power’ in the middle of the song.” Who’s going to argue with that?

This is worth watching, if for nothing else than to see Jared Leto do his white boy shuffle all over the stage while Kanye raps. Guffaw!



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