Kanye West – All of the Lights featuring Everyone

When Kanye West isn’t sending out naked pictures of his junk to the ladies, he’s leaking new songs from his forthcoming album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (preorder here). This new one – All of the Lights – has everyone on it. Seriously. Everyone. Rihanna, Fergie, John Legend, The Dream, Ryan Leslie, Alicia Keys, Kid Cudi, Charlie Wilson, Tony Williams, Elly Jackson (La Roux), and Elton John on piano… I think I even heard your mom in the background. Well then. Now he’s just showing off.

The song has a good beat and Rihanna’s chorus is catchy. The only voices I can actually make out besides Kanye’s and Rihanna’s are Alicia Keys, Fergie and John Legend. There’s a new Kanye song literally every week… Dear Yeezy, release the album already!  

Listen here:



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