Jazmine Sullivan will ruin you

Jazmine Sullivan just put out a video for her new single, “10 Seconds.” In this video she has her man tied to a chair and strapped up with a bomb as she confronts him for cheating on her. The guy looks on in deer-in-headlights looking horror as images of him with another chick flash in front of both of them. Jazmine throws some red liquid in his face and gestures wildly, all while wearing an elaborate Michael Jackson looking jacket. This is something straight out of Tiger Woods’ nightmares.



If you’ll remember her other single, “Bust Your Windows,” where she sings about taking out her aggression on her cheating ex, Jazzy clearly has some anger issues. I’m guessing whatever guy screwed her over in the past is probably dead in the bottom of a river somewhere. Moral of the story, guys… Don’t fuck up, otherwise Jazmine Sullivan is going to go Michael Myers on your ass.



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