Half-Naked Celebs: Halloween Edition

…and you know what that means. It’s time to gather the most skankified celeb costumes we can find and talk smack. Huzzah!

OK, Ciara. We get it. Your body is crafted by the Gods themselves. Your abs make me wanna kill myself. Next time just go naked. Let’s just get this overwith.

This is actually surprisingly tame for Ms. Kardashian. I’ve seen her wear less to go to the grocery store. But Kim, can you put your tits away for 5 minutes? I know, I know. It’s like asking a tiger to hide its stripes. Not gonna happen. Carry on.

As much as I (quietly) love Jersey Shore, it does pain me to have to refer to anyone from its cast as a “celebrity.” If getting drunk and acting like a moron were supposed to be a ticket to stardom and riches, there’d be about 5 poor people left on earth. However, JWoww’s transition from a ragged looking Guidette with awful extensions to this hard bodied thing she has become prove she’s got enough dough to hire a glam squad. Ugh, those skunk streaks were terrifying.


Dear Carmen, I know this is embarassing but…you forgot your pants.

Oh Ashanti. You’re beautiful. But cripes. I’m afraid to even touch this one. Why?

Aaaannd the motherload. This woman regularly posts her ass on Twitter. At this point, how can she even outdo herself anymore?



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