GQ Men of the Year (and a lady, too)

gq men of the year 2010GQ men of the year 2010

Could life get any better for Drake these days? He’s not just that kid from Degrassi anymore (although everyone still seems to mention it); he is a hip hop superpower. He went from making mixtapes to having a smash album to appearing on tracks with everyone from Lil Wayne to Jay-Z to Willow Smith (so I made that up, but watch, it’ll happen. If Justin Bieber can get Kanye, the least that little kick-ass Willow can get is Drake). Now he’s a GQ Man of the Year for 2010. He’s received this honor for being the Breakout of the Year, and he shares the title with James Franco (Leading Man of the Year), Stephen Colbert (Patriot of the Year) and Jeff Bridges (Icon of the Year). I’m not sure what this title gets you besides probably a party and bragging rights, but go Drake! Oh, and the rest of the guys too.

Ah yes, and Scarlett Johansson got Babe of the Year. I’m assuming they throw this in to appease the buyers who may get pissed off over having nothing worth drooling over on the cover. Drool away.
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