Celebs Twitter the darndest things – Part 1

Twitter has made it possible for us to see the inner workings of celebrities in a way we never have before. Some of the tweets we see are polished and presented by publicists and managers, but some celebrities are gloriously unfiltered and we can learn which ones are entertaining, truly crazy, delusional, annoying and just plain stupid. Thank you, internetz.

All the tweets I list here are copied and pasted directly from the celeb’s Twitter itself. Not one word has been changed.

Example One: Ginuwine
This pains me a little bit to discuss because I’ve always been rooting for Ginuwine. He’s gorgeous, a great singer, a better dancer than most people realize… but since he stopped working with Timbaland he’s slowly fallen off his game over the years. Not only that, thanks to Twitter, I can see that he has a serious problem with spelling and apparently thinks Twitter is an outlet to pray to Jesus. Case in point:

@Ginuwine09: Lord I wanna thank you for your mercy and grace I wanna thank you for allowing us to c another glorious day I wanna thank you for
@Ginuwine09: For allowing us to learn As we lay our heads now we ask you shield us from harm or tong doing we ask you Hoover over us an allow
@Ginuwine09: Only pleasant dreams to be present we ask tht you wake us up in good spirits and great health and we thank you in the mighty name of
@Ginuwine09: JESUS CHRIST thank you oh GOD Amen Sleep well tweeters catch up tomorrow

I’m not here to knock anyone for being religious or anything, but somehow I doubt Jesus is keeping up on his Twitter feed. Also… hoover over us? G, you’re killin me.


Example Two: 50 Cent
50 is a big fan of retweeting Twitter hoes who like to talk dirty to him in the vain hope that he’s actually going to come scrape them out of their stripper heels and have his way with them. I have no idea, maybe he does now and then. If you’re faint of heart, you might want to scroll past this part right here.

@50cent: RT @LazyStreet: @50cent skeet skeet I’m soaking wet Do me Fif. wow I like this its wet lol
@50cent: RT @NOJUA: @50cent . You are a sexy muthafucka. I could do some things to you. Ok that sounds great. Lol
@50cent: RT @SEXYLALA: @50cent you should come to the bay…I’ll toot this ass up for you…. Thank next time I’m there ill hit you up. Lol

God, the internet is a classy place.

Sometimes he’ll just straight up proposition the Twitter world.

@50cent: Ok ok I really want a blow job damn what’s wrong with that. just give me a little licky licky. Lol
@50cent: Look I’m a good person I don’t ask for much. I deserve a little oral bobbing on my ball sack. I do everything better when I’m relaxed. Lol

Good to know.

And on a quiet day, he just might talk some trash to liven things up.

@50cent: RT @jazzypace: @50cent I know u be seeing me tweeting yo azz. Lol angry black women shut the f**k up ok.
@50cent: Man some of these hoe’s so ugly on here. ain’t nobody gonna talk to them unless they on twitter. I be looking at they pics. my god lol

Thanks to Twitter, you no longer need to be famous to be dissed by a famous rapper.

If you’re confused by 50’s behavior, he does have an explanation:

@50cent: I don’t know why yal follow me anyway yal know I’m half crazy.

I concur. Whether he talks like a fool for attention or if this is really how he conducts himself in life is irrelevant. Total entertainment. Fif, please never stop saying crazy shit.

Part 2 coming in a bit… featuring a preachy R&B singer and everyone’s favorite uncensored rapper.



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