Bill Clinton is a movie star!

Sorta. The former Prez has been Thailand, where he was giving a speech about something or other, and as you may or may not know, this little movie by the name of The Hangover 2 is filming there right now. Somehow the stars lined up and they managed to tap Slick Willy to make a little cameo. Oh boy, the comedy just writes itself. If they’re going to do this right, he needs to be surrounded by strippers and/or making a joke about BJ’s all while smoking a cigar. Please.

But as a side note, isn’t half of the fun of big cameos to NOT announce them beforehand? There was a whole brouhaha about Mel Gibson making an appearance, then getting ousted out because the cast preferred not to work with a clinically insane person. (They’re just fine with convicted rapist, Mike Tyson, thankyouverymuch.) They replaced Mel with Liam Neeson. Now they blab about Clinton, too? Jeez. My 8 year old cousin can keep a secret better than these people.



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