Are they freaking serious?

The Situation and Bristol Palin made an abstinence/safe sex PSA. Let me repeat that. THE SITUATION (blatant, unapologetic manwhore) and BRISTOL PALIN (teen parent who already screwed up her whole abstinence thing once by, ya know, having a kid) made an ABSTINENCE/SAFE SEX PSA.

This biggest joke in this whole thing (and there are plenty) is him flashing Magnum condoms like he could ever wear one. There’s about 500 spray-tanned fake-chested girls between Jersey and Miami who just simultaneously fell to the ground in hysterics. Holy Jeebus. How did Candies ever think that putting a teen mother who already failed famously at the whole abstinence thing and the guy who’d hit on his sister if he were desperate enough in an ad promoting responsibility was a good idea? Thanks for the laugh, marketing geniuses. But really, at least these two crazy kids got to showcase their remarkable acting skills. That wasn’t forced or awkward at ALL.



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